Current Focus Areas
Kids Quad Kit
Since late 2015, we have been iterating around the desire to make active transportation more fun and educational for kids through parades and events like our very own, Menagerie in Motion Kinetic Derby (MiMKinetic). 

Through support from donors and assistance from makers, educators, sponsors like MakerPipe and working with Master Builder Camp, we are approaching a final design for a reusable kit that breaks down, allowing teachers in any or all of the STEAM + Physical Ed focus areas to participate while providing critical educational outcomes for years with the same easily storable base materials. 

Stay tuned for more on that after the 4th Annual MiMKinetic Derby when our final prototype takes on all challenges with a team of fifth and sixth graders. Sign up here for all the latest updates.

Master Builder Camp's 2016 Summer Camp Build - Awesome Possum

Master Builder Camp's 2017/18 Art Overlay for Kids Quad Kit Prototype 1 with MakerPipe connectors - Dance-a-Lotl

An interview with Master Builder Camp founder & owner Harmony Lenasbunt about her experience with MiMKinetic.
Adult Modular Quadricycle
In mid 2016, we began codifying lessons learned from adults entering or attempting to enter MiMKinetic.  The goals where simple, at least in theory.  The same hurdles that inhibit participation in these fun events also present hurdles for many community members in every day life. 

The alternatives to having an adequate human powered vehicle can manifest in everything from gas powered utility carts in public parks to people struggling to pull lawn mowers or tools behind bikes while maintaining balance on sidewalks.

So what solution(s) are we working towards?  A modular base system with comprehensive instructions that anyone or any group can build with a minimum of a saw, a drill, and a three pairs of commonly sized wrenches.  

Is that even possible?  Definitely!  variations of this concept having been showing up in message boards around the global since 2009. Most though loose their open source beginnings and shift to closed production for economy of scale and high profit business models. What if you could couple the essence of many of those designs with lessons we've learned in the last decade?  You could create a blueprint that is durable and can be built by anyone for far less than the $9k to $12k that a European equivalent costs or worse the even higher price of one of those loud and odorous gas powered utility carts.

Are there push goals?  Of course!  We are testing in our "spare time" various options for affordable alternatives to current electric assist options.  The base design will incorporate a jack shaft making it easy to add this option at a later time with no teardown or modification to the existing frame.

We are currently looking for donors to help bring this project to life.  Thanks to BPAB for being our first sponsor!